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The GPLExtek Hypercube TM

1. We provide 100% GPL'd software, hardware, and GPL'd hardware files and templates, for making boards in KiCAD, to make your own boards to integrate with GPLExtek HypercubeTM developer system and sell in the Hypercube Market.

2. Made a good board you want to sell as a compatible? Use our good name to sell it as a compatible, and/or we market it here for you and share.
    - In order to make good boards and qualify to use our good name, you can follow our guide for electronics and software compatibility (to be published soon).

3. Made compatibles without following rules for electronics and software compatibility? Still want to sell it through here? Then call it a GPLExtech HypercubeTM compatible if the aim is to retain geometric compatibility
    and access the GPLExtek Hypercube Market. The slight difference in name GPLExtech and GPLExtek informs the user of the differences between the two classes of product.

4. We provide source code software in GPL'd form to drive boards so that all the boards work well together in a cooperative embedded multi-tasking environment.

5. a) All the code is GPL'd so you as a developer won't ever have to worry about access to source code, and there is always community support for this code. This code is neither cut down nor will it lag other releases intentionally.
    b) If you are a professional developer, commercial support is available for the supported version.
    c) If you are a corporate entity, any GPL'd code we make you can re-license from us under commercial licence terms to avoid having to publish source code.

6. Our aim is to be processor agnostic, language agnostic, hardware agnostic and applications agnostic to maximize the size of the GPLExtek Hypercube Market.

7. We are 100% open source friendly company to the core and will fund any projects that appeal to us.

Projected Opening Date September 2017

GPLExtek, GPLExtech and GPLExtek Hypercube are trademarks of GPLExtek Limited
An open source friendly company to the core

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