The GPLExtek Hypercube TM

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  The new logo which is derived from a cube merged with hypercube wiring conduit through the middle.

The GPLExtek Hypercubes come with wiring conduits across each face to allow signal and power wires to leave one hypercube and re-appear in another hypercube without xyz cabling interference.
These trans dimensional hypercube conduits typically carry signal wires such as multi-drop RS485 signals ferry high speed signals between cubes and remote computers.
The larger boards have dedicated communications processors with shared memory interface to eliminate the need to learn to program different interfaces schemes.
All GPLExtek Hypercubes communicate through shared memory and we will provide identical software libraries in GPL license and commercial license.

More boards arrive. Prototype boards assembled into a Hypercube.

More boards arrive for Hypercube test assembly. The back of the Hypercube above is connected to a Hypercube Tesseract Assembly.
A Hypercube Tesseract embedded supercomputer is low cost and fully interconnected with 3 dimensional wiring to facilitate construction of low energy supercomputer personal robots.

Joined up boards for designing larger systems

ATE built using Hypercube boards

An Automated Test Equipment (ATE) built using Hypercube boards constructed with less space usage than conventional flat or rack arrangement.
The Hypercube is built from one CPU board, two prototyping boards, 4 Lithium charger boards, two opto isolated 10mbit RS232 boards, and three empty prototyping boards to complete the cube.

Each Hypercube board has 3 attachment points where nylon pillars can be mounted to connect to neighbours in a Hypercube Tesseract Array. They are convenient points to mount the Hypercube to a laser cut acrylic frame in above photo.

Hypercube appear as visually stunning alien technology when powered up and LEDs lit performing functions.

Projected Opening Date September 2017