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The GPLExtek Hypercube TM


The GPLExtek Hypercubes and Hypercube Tesseracts allow a very large collection of processors and peripheral boards to function as one.

We will provide good quality embedded multitasking libraries in C to integrate peripherals in such a way as to allow them to be added and removed as needed without having to be weighed down with a real time operating system.

All GPLExtek Hypercubes communicate through shared memory schemes.

We will provide near identical software libraries for peripherals and communications under GPL license and commercial license.

The GPL license version of the software require you to share your modifications to remain legal, while commercial license does not obligate you.

There is no way to change license from GPL to commercial and vice versa. You must purchase or obtain the correct version from the beginning to be legal at all times.

The commercial product comes as an annual subscription in an SSD and costs USD $5000 per seat for everything including updates for a year.
It contains documentation, boards, software, tools etc along with yet to be released software tools and prototype tools.
Also contained in the SSD are compilers, KiCAD, OpenSCAD, FreeCAD, design tools, libraries, 3D parts libraries, scripts and so on as well as training material, all set up and ready to go.
The SSDs are bootable on an Intel PC with minimum 2GB RAM and SATA support with Ubuntu Linux installed.
A good quality 2GB RAM video card is recommended for electronics design, PCB work and 3D work.

Student editions purchased through an official university or college at $500 per seat.

Some of the compilers and software tools are downloadable from manufacturers and those are downloaded, installed and configured on your behalf to save a lot of time where they are free.
Because of that process, you need to be aware we are not selling those items to you or officially supporting it or warranty it,
and you would be signing up to those licenses and their terms automatically when you purchase the SSD because we are installing those items of software on your behalf in good faith.
If you are not happy with that policy, you must delete those items of software when you receive the SSD and install and configure what you need directly from the manufacturers.

Some manufacturers may be not happy with the idea of us downloading, installing and configuring their free to download and install software on your behalf,
in which case you will be automatically agreeing to delete those items when you receive the SSD and if in need, you can download, install and configuring the software yourself.
We cannot guarantee or warranty the re-installation process will work due to numerous technical issues beyond our control.


It is our policy to release as much hardware as possible under open source licenses and commercial licenses that are configured to work cooperatively with the GPLExtek Hypercube boards.

A useful number of hardware designs will become available as KiCAD files which in itself is a powerful open source PCB design tool.
The full set of Gerber files and schematic files for making your own PCBs will be available in the commercial SSD along with the rest of the software under the commercial license.

If you make boards and work with us, we will ensure your boards are supported as well and join the Hypercube Market(TM) seamlessly. We fund some of the best open sourced projects that interest us.

The much harder path of getting your board supported with your own software that works well in the GPLExtek Hypercube platform we aim to simplify with a new programming language - but that is for the future.


Products are priced and sold at their retail price. Bulk buying receives discounts. Wholesale buyers receive further discounts based on planned production for orders exceeding wholesale MOQ.

Flash sales and promotion sales end when stocks run out.


When contacting us, you should always remember that this is an open source friendly company to the core.
Everything you send us could potentially be shared with the open source community unless you write commercial in confidence into your emails.


Avoid sending emails to addresses such as - they are expired and will not be processed.
Instead visit the web site, and obtain the current valid email address such as the one above displayed as an image.
The email address has to be manually typed into your email send to field.

Email addresses are expired regularly to make more work for spam bots. So visit us more often to get current valid email address :)

It is policy to shorten emailed replies to items that are being replied to and process the remainder as background information.

Projected Opening Date September 2017

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