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Project: The Home IoT GPLExtek Hypercube TM

Aim of the project:

1. Make a general purpose hypercube to address to solve problems related to home IoT by making every controllable item accessible through hypercube boards

2. The first generation of hypercubes is addressed at the techies and if they are successfull, much more easier to use and capable systems can be made as the infrastructure grows.

3. The GPL'd software consists of well written cooperatively multi-tasking embedded software.
    The difference is that it is fully GPL'd and cooperative multi-tasking is fused into every aspect of the code.
    We write and control the core software such that if you added an OLED screen, and then a keypad, and then 30 RFID readers, and then 2 home servers, 20 solar panels and a battery bank, it would still work without system wide hesitation.
    We won't intentionally release any software or hardware that is not ready for the exacting standards laid down for our cooperative multi-tasking core software.

4. If there are enough engineers out there, they can be motivated to write similar library code so that some day you can take an Arduino, add RFID, a keypad, and then add an OLED and find that the resulting software is as responsive as adding just one function.

5. While the original software is all in C, the plan is to release a new language with 3 branching commands and the rest all flat commands to take cooperative multitasking to another level.
    This new language will generate the tedious cooperative multi-tasking C code to make it all work.

6. The need for this approach is dictated by availability of small $0.50 32 bit embedded CPUs that have not got resources for pre-emptive multi-tasking or need an operating system but whose potential is not realized due to low quality code.

7. The Home IoT Hypercube should be able to affordably integrate hundreds of boards controlling everything from heating to opening doors without introducing failure points.

Projected Opening Date September 2017

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