The GPLExtek Hypercube TM

We Are Hiring

We are hiring before we are opening by splitting work into small modules that you can do because you do it already, so we can hire you now!

Video Production
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KiCAD Electronics Engineers
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PHP MySQL Python
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C Developers (gcc)
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FreeCAD Designers
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OpenSCAD & QCAD / DXF Drawing Designers
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Terms and Conditions
To apply for any open position, note down the project number, point to a 1 minute section of a reference youtube video(s) that you made or a website link(s) with an item that you made that precisely matches the job description and submit. Thats it!
Submit CV and/or video/link reference(s) to something you made, or new updates to:


Your application will be reviewed and an offer made as soon as possible which can be as short as a few hours.
You must be available to start work immedately and submit the work within the time scales and agreed conditions to be paid.
You must have a working Paypal account before applying in order to get paid.
You will be paid by Paypal of the agreed amount when you submit a Paypal invoice. Any fees and deductions made by payment processor is met by you.
We don't pay for incomplete work or work that is different to what was agreed.
We don't accept buggy software or artistic work different from what was agreed. We will give you one chance to repair it at our discretion before we call it a day and release the project to someone else.

Projected Opening Date September 2017